So what's the news this week??? 

This was a big weekend. My mother turned 80 on Thursday the 16th August 2007 and we held a birthday party at our house for all of her friends whom I affectionately call 'the old dears' on Saturday. Jim's whole family came so it was a very BIG afternoon. Don't let anybody tell you that old ladies can't party hard! I didn't think they were ever going to leave, "why should we go home" they said "we are having such a good time".............?

Cala's puppies are now 2 weeks old, their eyes are just starting to open as I write this on 20/8/2007. and they are VERY VERY fat. The puppies were a very big hit on saturday at the party. Many of 'the old dears' sat and nursed them during the afternoon, the puppies all smelled a little of moth balls by the end of the afternoon.... just kidding!

My favourite little old lady is my God Mother who I call Aunty Ethel, she is the sweetest 'little old lady' you could every wish to meet and she couldn't help telling everybody at the party on Saturday that she used to change my nappies when I was  baby. 

She has been a great mentor and had a profound affect on my younger years, always encouraging me and supporting me. She told everybody about the day I got my first guinea pig when I was just 6 years old. 

I love my Aunty Ethel dearly but have to admit she can talk the shoes off a tinker........

Here is a picture of her holding one of Cala's puppies. She is 89 years old now..... God Bless her!  She was VERY shy about letting me take this picture of her holding the puppy.

(Sadly Jim's Godmother passed away peacefully on 9th December 2010 - aged 92) She was an amazing woman and she lived an extrordinary life!

Thanks for checking us out at Somerford weimaraners.

Aunty Ethel at 89

Last Christmas! 2009