Kelly Jnr

Hey Jim and Danny, 

Kelly Jnr is settling in great. She loves her new home. She can't get enough of our cudddles. She had a safe and very sleepy trip home. Just before we went home,we decided to get her a toy, beef mince, dog chain and collar. 

Meanwhile in the pet shop Lauren needed to go to the toilet and she was holding Kelly Jnr but as she went to give Kelly to Dad, Kelly decided to not let go of 

Kelly gets easily attached to the ones close to her and we love that she has become so used to us this quickly. When we arrived home and got up stairs my 3 nephews fell in love with Kelly straight away, the youngest Joe keeps trying to lick Kelly on the nose, but every time Kelly licks joe on the face instead. Joe also gave Kelly Jnr a teddy bear as a present...which was cute but funny at the same time. 

Kelly ate her food well and slept with me for nearly an hour, before we were woken up by Lauren. 

Later on that night, when we were all in bed....Kelly became sad and started to cry, she got us up every 2 hrs and got up out of her bed and went to mum and dads bedroom. Dad put her back to bed several times because he was on the first guard duty, but tonight it's my turn. 

Everyone in the house is looking after her and we all dearly love her. 

We thank you for giving us a special gift "Kelly Jnr". 

I will keep in contact and in a couple of weeks I will send some photos. 

Yours sincerely 

Borg family