In this section of the website we have chosen to tell you a little about some of the wonderful Weimaraner puppies that we have been priviledged to breed at Somerford Weimaraners. 

We hope that you enjoy reading their stories, each puppy may have only been with us for 8 or 9 weeks but  by the time they go to their new home, they  have left their mark and we are sad to see them go and at the same time we are also happy to be able to give lots of joy to their new owners, you will see this when you read their story.

Each Weimaraner puppy has its own personality, they are NOT all the same. 

Many puppy owners ask  'when can we select our Weimaraner puppy' ? 

What we usually  find is that by the time the Weimaraner puppies are ready to go to their new homes we can usually match the right puppy with the family that is adopting him or her.

Please enjoy reading about some of our little stars from 2007.