From the Romyn Family - Jakarta


The family are in love with Ozzy. My wife’s words “ I cannot believe how beautiful Ozzy is”. My 3 girls could not stop talking about Ozzy for an hour after I arrived home last night. 

The quarantine area is very clean (air-conditioned area)and Ozzy is well looked after. We have tipped the guy who is taking care of Ozzy and we have his personal telephone number. So Ozzy will get special treatment. 

We have not got any photos yet. When he arrives at home next week I will take some photo’s and send them down. 
Thanks for such a great dog. 


26/8/2008 - Jakarta Indonesia. 


The first week with Ozzy has been fantastic. He is a beautiful dog and excellent with the children. Ozzy was quite skinny when he arrived, his rib cage was very prominent, but is now putting on a little bit of weight. The girls think he is the most beautiful thing in the world. 

The first couple of days he was not sure where he was but he has settled in very well. 
Ozzy loves his morning and afternoon walks. He also thinks the swimming pool is great. He has jumped in a few times when the children are swimming. 

I have attached a few photos. I am not much of a photographer. We will keep sending you photos to show you his progress 


John R