Pippa 2008

 Hi Jim 
Have been flat out here with 2 babies to love and cuddle
Pippa yep she finally has a name and it took us 3 days to get there is a total joy, our Paige took a day to realize that Pippa was not a toy and the bonding has been growing from there. Im very proud of Paige she will share a meal with Pippa and even take her treats over to share with Pippa.

With the 5 of us at home Pippa is usually in someones arms if not her and Paige have in the last 2 days started sleeping in the same bed. Could be a problem in 4 months time when they are both Paiges size!!! Have attached a photo, I have just now taken it, as we had huge winds last night and have had trees down every where and the babies have been helping us clean up, of course they are worn out and Pippa put herself to bed all by herself and Paige then played a bit more then she went to bed as well. The photo is the result.

Pippa knows her feed bowl and is eating like a horse no fussy dog with her and we can see her growing before our eyes

I tried to put Paiges pj’s on Pippa because of the cold but they went over her head and straight off her bottom so I had to cut a sleeve off an old jumper and she fits very well in it, will probably take a week or two until she fits in Paiges come home Jammies. She struts around the place with her tail in the air and is very independent Paige and I might be ahead of her out walking but until she has done her little bit of exploring where she is she wont budge. Pippa has new learnt that if Paige gets a little rough to sit between mums feet, the problem is in most cases she is the one getting rough first and can be seen hanging off Paiges tail or her lip or ear.

Pippa and I still get lots of cuddly time while Paige is out with Terry or Bec doing bigger dog things. She loves to lye down on my chest and chew the buttons on my shirt, mind you nothing is getting done around here maybe the fairys might do the house work if I leave it long enough.

Sunday and Mondays weather were horrible down here but on Tuesday we had our first real days outside adventure and boy did she have a great time, she found a burn pile that we haven’t lit yeat and spent nearly 1 hour running around and through it checking out all the smells Paige had her ball to play with and during that time I was just in heaven watching them both they are just georgous. Whoops they have just woken up time to go outside and piddle. I just love my babies Paige and a deer tail that she has just been dropping infront of Pippa then when pippa grabs it and trys to run off with it Paige catches her and gently yep very gently takes it back again the paige has a couple of chews and promptly drops it back under Pippa nose again did I just mention that I love my babies they are truly treasures and Pippa has blended into the family as though she was always here, she is giving Paige a run for her money and in the end I think Pippa just might be the boss although she has to grow a bit yet at the moment Paige can just put her foot on Pippa to stop her being bossy.

Have to go and feed them now

Thanks again for our beautiful baby will always be intouch to let you know how she is going

Ps have you heard from Alica and her puppy what did they call her we called her Lilly on the way home so that she would have a name. I have some great traveling home photos but haven’t got time at the moment to get them to you will soon though. Ps they were absolutely brilliant traveling home now I can understand why Rosco said he would have them anytime.

Gotta go

Be intouch soon

Toni and Pippa and Paige and all the rest of us

Hope you love the photos we love pippa

Ps haven’t read what Ive written hope it makes sense


Paige & Pippa

Paige & Pippa