Tess 2007

Toni and Terry from Victoria purchased our beautiful 'Tess' ( The Contessa).  


Tess was a female puppy from our last litter of 2007 and her parents are: 
 'Holly' -  Ashlaren Xtra Special (AI) .....and 
'Oska' -  Lux.Ch. EUR. Ch. FNL. Ch. Aust. Ch Ashlaren Caprioska. 
Tess was a delightful puppy, a very knowing little puppy, always alert and very wise. I'm sure her little soul has been here before.  Tess and Jim formed a very strong bond before she left Somerford for her new home in Victoria and so it was a very sad day when she finally left for the long journey to her new home with Toni and Terry and their family in Victoria. After a very long ( for a little puppy) 24 hour trip 'Tess' arrived safely to her new family. You can see from some of the photo's below Tess has settled into her new home very very well.  

Here is what Toni had to say about the gorgeous little Miss Tess - 

Hi Jim 

Terry and Bec have Tess and they are about 1 1/2hrs away. Told Becky to take photos so that I can send them to you straight away  Rang them at 5.00pm she was having a little sleep in the sleeper, with all these little naps she is having we could be in for a very interesting first night which doesn't matter to me I told them Im not coming into work for the rest of the week and some of next week because my baby is finally coming home. Terry said she is a real truckies dog now I told him I don’t thinkkkkkkkk so, she has to stay and look after her new mum. Will let you know as soon as she gets to us and how she travelled 
Cannot wait to get her in my arms 

Will chat to you tomorrow 

Thanks again for everything, looking after her and keeping her safe for us we really appreciate it. 

Bi now 


Finally I have her......

Finally I have her......

First day news.....

Hi Jim, 

Just a quick note to say that we have had the most wonderful day 

She has settled in really well knows her bed, lets us know when she needs to go to the toilet, she has her own outside toilet patch. 

Eating and drinking really well, climbs into her bed when she wants a nap and falls asleep on us. Has got the bridge into the house mastered so that when she wants to come inside she races up the ramp and sits at the door for us to let her in. If she is not playing she is asleep and she has got this household all mapped out. 

By this afternoon you could see that she was really comfortable with us and her new home. 

Send more photos later hope that you got the last ones 

Bi for now