William (Sept 2007)

'William' was from a litter that we raised for Laine Knox of Ashlaren Weimaraner kennels. 

'William' -   'Ashlaren Modern Art' was one of three puppies born to 'Cala' - Ashlaren Cala Santanyi and  'Reuban' Aust Ch. Ashlaren Reuben. 

'William' is a complete Gentleman, always inquisitive, independent and ever the puppy to go off exploring on his own. 

Being one of three puppies you can imagine how big these guys became after having open access to a huge milk bar for 5 weeks. 

'Cala' was a wonderful mother raising two males and one female.

William was one of our favourites as he was always the first to come on command and has a very cute disposition. 

'William' is owned by Raquelle and they live in Sydney close to some wonderful walking areas around the harbour. 'William' is very at home with Raquelle and her other dog 'Noah'.

Here is what Raquelle had to say when 'William fist came home:

Hi Jim,
Well I can report with glee that little Willie slept safe and sound all the way home with no accidents!!
He is settling in very well – sleeping, eating (a little) and is very inquisitive….. He is such a smart little thing and is learning commands very quickly. He is a classic gentleman (but I guess you already know that!)
Its very funny – he confuses Noah’s (my other dog) tail for a toy and I have attached a picture of him in grabbing it with his teeth…its very cute but Noah wont have a second of it!!  Enjoy the pics, will send more to let you see how he’s progressing….

Take care,
My best wishes,


William goes home.....

OK Move forward now.....

William posing