Somerford Weimaraners - Newcastle NSW Australia.

 Weimaraners have been a part of our life since 1973. We live on 3 beautiful acres at Whitebridge which is a seaside suburb of Newcastle in the Hunter Valley Region of NSW Australia. We are surrounded by the Glenrock State Conservation Area and we feel blessed to have the best of both the seaside, the forest and many beautiful areas close by to free run our dogs.
This website is a work in progress when is a website ever finished? 

Somerford Weimaraners  we love our beautiful dogs and we care very much for each of our companions. We are very proud of the dogs that we have bred over the years and we are passionate about this  breed. We are Dogs NSW registered members and accredited breeders of Weimaraners under the Somerford prefix Reg No 2100024971. In October 2019 James has been a member of Dogs NSW for 49 years.

We have chosen the colour Orange as our kennel marketing colour. Why?... Simply... because orange is the colour of JOY and our Weimaraners bring us such great joy and they also bring much joy to the lives of our family, friends and owners of dogs bred in our kennels. When you meet our dogs you will notice that we like to name them after famous Screen Legends from the early part of the 20th Century, names like Judy Garland, Liz Taylor, Bette Davis and Rosalind Russell we like to enjoy life, laugh a lot and our dogs are part of that enjoyment.

When you read the information on our web site and look at the pictures on our site, you will see that we strive to breed beautiful Weimaraner puppies both as
family companions and show dogs and versatile hunting dogs. We plan each breeding very carefully and we purposefully select for good health and temperament in all of our brood dogs and bitches. We often use frozen imported semen from Stud dogs in other countries to ensure that our temperaments are good and that our lines are solid and as free from genetic issues as we can possibly be.

advertise and promote our kennels and dogs regularly.

We also own one of Newcastle's largest
pet retail warehouses and we help and advise people in the care of their dogs and pets on a daily basis in our Pet Warehouse store.We actively participate in the well being of our dogs and in the lives of the weimaraner pups that we breed.

* James has been involved in the dog world for most of his life and has extensive knowledge and vast experience with Weimaraners and their breeding. 
* The Somerford Weimaraner Prefix was first registered in 1973.
* James is a very keen student of genetics and he invests a great deal of time and effort into the planned breeding of each litter of weimaraner puppies that we produce. You should see his data base of weimaraner pedigrees and memorabilia. He has spent countless hours adding dogs and information to his data base.
*We have an extensive semen bank from some of the top Weimaraner stud dogs both nationally and internationally to select from when we plan the breeding of each of our litters.
 * Our dogs eat a natural fresh diet, something that James has always supported, I am told he fed a BARF style diet before the diet was even written about and we always recommend minimal use of vaccines on our puppies. 
* We support and encourage all of our Weimaraner puppy owners to learn more about this noble breed. We are here to help and you will find we are always happy to share our passion for this breed. We have a
FAQ section of our website that we add to all the time. We also have a section on Weimaraner story's that we encourage people to contribute to.
* Daniel has a local pet chat 
radio program where he talks with Specialist Vets who are on the show about pet care/pet products and he often interviews other breeders of pure bred dogs.
* We keep up to date with health care issues and have a specialist vet consult on our premises.
*We invest a lot of time with our weimaraner puppies and they are socialized with older dogs and humans well before they leave our home.   
* We have strong friendships and some very important mentors in our breed fraternity, Laine Knox ( Ashlaren), Carol Thompson ( Kadma), Joan Valdez ( Valmar) Jean Hutchison (Hollowhills).  
* We have bred, dogs that have attained top awards including Best in Show, Best in Show Specialty and Best in Group.       
* Some of our dogs have attained other titles including obedience, tracking and agility awards. 
*  Many of the dogs that we have bred are just simply wonderful Weimaraner pets loved and adored by families in many parts of
Australia and some in other countries.

*  We also test for known genetic diseases in our dogs that said please note that no amount of Scientific screening of breeding dogs for hereditary issues can ever guarantee that your puppies will be free of these problems. However breeding from sound parents certainly increases the probability that puppies will also be sound. Occasionally hereditary defects show up in a mammals when genes unexpectedly mutate. We test for what we can the rest is left to nature to decide. 
*  James and Daniel are members jointly or individually of ,Dogs New South Wales  and we support local community events.
* Our memberships with these organisations ensure that we keep up to date with current information on the breed  and that we adhere to a strict code of ethics of registered Australian Weimaraner Breeders. 
* We have tried to create a website that is not entirely focused on the same sorts of things that you will find on many other Australian Weimaraner Breeder websites and we hope you enjoy the difference. Please join our mailing list as James maintains a
diary blog
from time to time and if you are on our mailing list you will receive an email each time he updates the blog with news or upcoming events.

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