Why we feed Somerford Raw & Natural?

We like most dog owners believed that feeding a good quality kibble would provide our dogs with all the nutrition they needed, WE WERE WRONG ! 

We started to change our dogs onto our own formulation of fresh human grade ingredients and were totally amazed by the difference it made to our dogs Better overall health, better puppies, better growth and better coats all equal better quality of life.  This new formulation became known as Somerford Raw & Natural and has now grown to be one of Australia’s Leading raw dog foods. 

We love our dogs and love our puppies. We only want to feed them the very best as they are so much a part of our family.  

Our BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet has changed many pets lives for the better. Whether it’s a puppy, healthy adult dog, or a dog with sensitive skin or digestive issues, all have benefited from making the switch to Somerford Raw & Natural. 

Many dry dog foods these days contain cereal & grain products as their main ingredients, just check the ingredient list on the bag and you will be surprised to see what these foods actually contain. 

Our formulation is made based on the wild dog diet that dogs have evolved to eat over thousands of years - Meat, Bone, Offal & Some Fruit and Vegetable matter, it’s a complete & balanced natural diet providing your dog with everything that its body was designed to eat ……… When you really think about it, it makes perfect sense that your dog can’t be getting everything it needs from eating a food that contains more grains & cereal than meat!

Another fantastic option that sets Somerford Raw & Natural ahead of others is we offer our customers a FREE delivery to your door option, once an order is placed through our website www.somerfordrawandnatural.com.au your selection will be packed freshly frozen into one of our esky boxes & sent by courier to be delivered to your door. Our easy to use website also offers our customers a subscription service where they can set & forget their deliveries, selecting to have deliveries as frequently or infrequently as needed, with no lock in contracts or hidden costs. Our Online service also offers a wide range of payment options including Credit Card, PayPal, After Pay & ZipPay. Making our home delivery service easily accessible for everyone!