Hank is just an absolutely gorgeous boy with the most incredible mannerisms. He was a dream to start with and within a week of having him he was completely toilet trained.

At 16 weeks he could sit, shake, down, roll-over, speak, stay and come, and 'leave it'. He's been a favourite in the puppy preschool because he is so well socialised that he could play gentle with the small boys but get down with all the rougher big breeds too. He plays very evenly and switches between being dominant and submissive. He loves water play and has even been very calm during his first storm! We had no issues with crate training and he puts himself to bed at night with no trouble at all.

We cannot thank you enough for giving Hank the absolute best start in life because we really believe he wouldn't have been so dreamy without. 


Bentley has grown into a very handsome, intelligent and loving member of our family. I think his temperament and personality is very good and he loves to be around anyone and loves nothing more than a snuggle, a neck rub and to please us. He does have he’s very own voice within the household. He loves a chat😂

Hope you are well and we have nothing but positive things to say about Somerford Weimmarners and yourself. Trust me we talk a lot because we get stop frequently on our walks or when we are out and about. They just attract peopleThank you for allowing this beautiful bundle of energy and personality to come into our lives. He’s awesome in our eyes. 


On today, Otis’s 1st birthday 🎂, I wanted to send you an update and also say thank you for the beautiful, loving, gentle dog that Otis is. I am sure it because of your careful breeding and picking of pups that match owners, that has been able to make not only a stunning looking dog but also one so kind of heart.Otis is a big, beautiful, very well loved part of our family. Our middle daughter went through a particularly hard time during the last lockdown in Sydney and Otis was never far from her side. Here are some pics you might enjoy.We see Otto (2yr old Somerford boy) often at our local dog park and I never believed Otis would be as big as him. We all agree we think Otis is now bigger!


We are amazed at the rate our beautiful puppy is turning into a beautiful dog, it seems as though she is having a growth spurt every night. Not just in the aesthetics, like her longer snout and broader, more muscular chest, but also her not-to-be-underestimated intelligence. Lilith is so crazy smart! I was told Weimies were among some of the brightest breeds of dogs, but I was yet to understand what degree this was to. This is almost human-like behaviour at times. It goes beyond her increasing vocabulary of commands. Lilith has a personality all of her own. Although she can be very cuddly and loving, it’s also in her nature to be sassy and manipulative if she doesn’t get her way.

Well...wow! We now know what it’s like to “Live the dream, feel the joy!” How true that statement is. 

We are absolutely besotted. 

Jett has settled in really well. He seems to be his true self now: full of love, joy and not as “bouncy” as I thought with his tail always wagging around us. He absolutely loves his cuddles and is absolutely gorgeous around our three kids. Our two cats seem to have accepted him as well. Lots of sniffing and walking past his crate when he is quiet.

 I just wanted to thank you so much for choosing us to be the proud parents of our beautiful Roy! It took him no time at all to make himself at home and he instantly fell in love with our little dachshund Frank! 

Roy was a breeze to train and he nailed his commands in no time. We only had 1 accident inside and have never had any issues with the ‘come’ command! He’s great on the lead, that is until he sees another dog. My strength is then tested!! He has the most beautiful temperament. Always happy and loves everyone and everything. I’ve lost count of the compliments we get about his beauty, but also his incredibly friendly temperament. He’s still a boisterous pup, but we wouldn’t have him any other way! He’s gives the best snuggles and would follow us everywhere if he was allowed. He has been the perfect addition to complete our family. I just wanted to let you know he is very happy, loved and spoilt with his forever family!

 Vada has settled in so well. The cutest bond has already formed with her brother, they adore each other and he is so protective. 

She sleeps through the night with no crying, doing so well with her toilet training and has learnt her name already. Everyone is so smitten with her. 

We are over the moon to have her join our family and I think she is too. 

Thank you again for everything.