Hi again, 

It's me Katrina. This is that really funny picture of Oska that we were telling you about when we came up to visit you and the other dogs. I love the way 'Oska' gets his lips stuck, it makes him look like an old man with his teeth out. You asked for a funny story of Oska.... The other weekend I was playing soccer at Mangrove Mt and mum was taking Oska for a walk around, and he was having a romp in the bushes at the time. He saw a duck, minding its own business, sitting quietly on some green grass and decided that this looked like a good game!! 

He charged off towards the duck......unfortunately what he had assumed was lovely green grass was in fact a weed infested pond!!!! 

Mum heard an almighty splash, the duck took off completely unharmed and Oska, our fearless hunter, was frantically dog paddling, eyes bulging, mouth gaping as he tried to find the bank!!! After a few seconds of panicked paddling, our hero pulled himself out of the pond, shook himself dry and wondered where the heck the ground had gone! To add insult to injury when we got home we gave him a bath because he smelt so bad. Maybe he'll think twice before hunting ducks again. The score is 1-0 to the duck who can still be heard laughing to this day.  


Lesson No 2 Weimaraners often pull funny faces and they will do funny things on the spur of the moment!

The Weimaraner funny lip look!