Camping with Oska

Hi Jim and Danny,  

In the last school holidays Stuart and I wanted to have a sleepover with Oska but because mum won't let him sleep in our bedrooms we decided to set up the tent on our back deck. It started out well but then 'Oska' wouldn't get off our comfy beds and onto his own bed. We tried pushing him off but he would soon wriggle his way back. He had decided that the best place to sleep was on top of us!!  

We weren't getting any sleep and it was getting later and later so about midnight we held an eviction meeting and we voted Oska OUT!!! the morning his 'Lordship' took up residence in the tent again and was very reluctant to come out.  

He had decided that this was the best dog kennel ever!!!  

Hope you enjoy the photos and please let us know when we can come and see the new puppies.  

From Katrina Adams.

Lesson No 2 Weimaraners will ALWAYS try to share the bed....well not always share!!!!!

This is 'my bed' I'm a Weimaraner!