Somerford Sally Fields

Sally is the result of an AI mating between 'Lara' -  Somerford Lady of Colsidex  and 'Reuben' -Aust Ch  Ashlaren Reube who is co-owned by Lainie Knox of Ashlaren and Becky Jonker of Griffith in NSW.  - 

(Becky handles Reuben and has had a lot of exciting wins with Reuben, starting at 9 months with Res Challenge dog and Puppy in Show at the 2006 Weimaraner Club of NSW Specialty judged by breed specialist Dr Dana Massey (WinWeims Weimaraners, USA). Reuben has sired some very successful Weimaraners including Best in Show winner - Aust/NZ Ch Ashlaren Sophie Sapphire and her sister Multi European Junior Ch Ashlaren Imperium Star (Exported Poland) and Ch Greyhope Repeat After Me - 'Izzy' - (bred by Lisa Hope of Greyhope Weimaraners, Sydney.)

We have nick named 'Sally' Miss "it's all about..... if you take the time to view most of her photos she always has a worried expression on her face. Paige is however the leader of the pack so don't be deceived, she is our alpha female (the boss), keeping an eye on the other girls who usually defer to her wishes.

'Paige' is an excellent brood bitch and is always a wonderful mother. 

In 2007 she had her first litter 10 beautiful puppies by frozen (AI) to 'Dakota' -  Am Ch Can Ch Valmar's Unanimous Decision BROM. When the puppies were born it was hard to get 'Paige' to leave the whelping box even to go to the toilet for the first 10 days.

In 2008 she had 11 puppies by Frozen (AI) to Benson - Aust Gr Ch Kadma Almost and Angel. Two of these puppies were exported one to Singapore and the other to Jakarta. She is alos the mother of Ch Somerford Liz Taylor currently leased to Carol Thompson in Queensland.

'Paige' has an endearing habit that often frightens visitors. If she likes you her way of saying hello is to give you a gentle nip on the backside. It's more a nibble than a nip but she has caught a number of people by surprise as she gently nibbles their butt.

In 2010 she will be mated to International Ch Ashlaren Caparioska.

Click here to view Paige's pedigree:
Pedigree P

By the way Paige is also a 'Foody' she is the first to try to clean up any of the other dogs' food bowl.

Holly her sister likes to play ball all day while Paige, just the opposite, likes to sit in the shade and dream about her next meal.